Why is there nothing in your shop? I restock every Saturday 3 pm CST. I sell within 24 hours or so.

What do I get in my order? Your slime, A baggie of borax, instructions, and a little treat (extras).

When will I get my slime? Orders are normally shipped within 2-3 days and normally take about a week to arrive. If it hasnt arrived like said using your tracking number, please contact me by email. 

My slime cracked and spilt, what do I do? Contact me by email,, be prepared with proof. 

My slime is hard... Add lotion only if it is a white glue based slime, or knead it under running hot water. Playing with your slime for a long time will result in it being hard.

My slime is sticky... Mix 1 cup of warm water with your provided borax, until dissolved. Add a few drops into your slime, or dip your fingers into the solution and knead the slime. Stickiness is a result of warm weather or not washing your hands. Adding to much of your activator (borax solution) will cause the slime to not stretch.

Do you ship to the UK, Canada, etc.? Unfortunately I only ship within the USA.

Can I review your slime? Feel free to review once you have purchased and use #radslimeshop when posting on instagram!

Can you review my slime, or trade? No, sorry we do not review others.

Can I have a shoutout, follow, f4f, s4s? No, sorry we do not promote other accounts.

                                                          IMPORTANT TIPS

  • Slime WILL be sticky, it's glue! It will stick to clothes, carpet, and you.
  • Always wash your hands before playing with slime. Poke it with 1 finger when you first get it. 
  • We are not responsible if your slime is overactiavted, if that is the case follow the instructions above!
  • Lastly enjoy your slime :)